Friday, 4 July 2014

Tanya Burr Lip glosses Review

I love a good lip gloss for everyday wear and so I couldn't contain my excitement when I heard that, one of my favourite YouTubers and make-up artists, Tanya Burr was coming out with her own line of glosses (I think I may have actually squealed!). Tanya has paired up with eye candy to produce her line of lip glosses and nail varnishes, which are available from Superdrug for £6.99 each. There are a total of 12 lip gloss shades, each with a cute personalised name from Tanya herself. Tanya is said to have named each shade after her favourite things, I picked up 4 shades, from top to bottom I have 'Chic', 'Smile Dream Sparkle', 'Aurora' and 'Champagne toast'.  I prefer nudes and muted pinks on my lips and so got a few of the more wearable colours.

The glosses themselves are extremely pigmented, buttery and smooth on the lips. The shades above from left to right are 'Champagne Toast', 'Chic', 'Aurora' and 'Smile Dream Sparkle'. All of the glosses have a lovely sweet scent when applied, however the scent does not linger or cause headaches like some other glosses. The staying power of the glosses is also great, they will stay put for a couple of hours no bother and also moisturise your lips at the same time. My personal favourite shade is 'Champagne Toast', which is a lovely sparkly nude shade. This is great for daytime and also looks beautiful at night with a strong eye make-up. 'Champagne Toast' looks similar to 'Chic' on the lips however 'Chic' does not have any shimmer (Can you tell how I justified having to buy both shades to myself?). Overall these glosses are amazing and I would definitely recommend them, you will struggle trying to find a better quality gloss for under £7 and I have no doubt that a few more shades will soon be joining my collection.

Let me know if you have tried these and what your favourite shades are.

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