Saturday, 5 July 2014

Maybelline 'The Falsies' vs 'The Rocket' comparison and review

After reading multiple rave reviews about these two products I thought it was about time I tried them out, two mascaras from Maybelline that are said to be the best the highstreet has to offer. 'The Rocket Volum' Express' is available at both Boots and Superdrug for £7.99, 'The Falsies Volum' Express' is available at Superdrug for the same price. Both are said to create luscious voluminous lashes, but which is better?

The first notable difference in these mascaras are the brush shapes, 'The Rocket' has a big fat wand with stubby plastic bristles for separating the lashes, where as 'The Falsies' has a more conventional bristle brush which is slightly curved to 'scoop' the lashes and create a subtle curl. 

The effect the different brush shapes have is quite surprising, 'The Rocket' mascara (on the left) creates straighter lashes and a more 'fanned out' effect. This mascara would be perfect for those whose lashes tend to clump up and stick together, the stubby bristles really grip the lashes and separate them brilliantly. 'The Falsies', on the other hand, creates more length along with a nice curl. I prefer the effect that 'The Falsies' gives since I'm a sucker for dramatic lashes and it definitely provides a more striking look.

The deciding factor for me has to be the wear and 'The Falsies' wins hands down. 'The Rocket' looks amazing when it is first applied but within a few hours it is smudged both above and below my eyes. 'The Falsies' however has great staying power, no smudging or flaking at all.

Overall they are both great affordable mascaras but 'The Falsies' wins for me, maybe 'The Rocket' in the waterproof formula would be better, however I prefer non-waterproof formulas as they are easily removed.

Let me know if you have tried either and, if so, which did you prefer?

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