Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup Review

The Luv Ur Body menstrual cup comes in 3 sizes and is made from 100% medical grade silicone. If at this point you are wondering 'What on earth is a menstrual cup?' then I shall direct you to my Ruby cup review here, where I explain the basics. I have both the small and medium Luv Ur Body cup, but there is also a size large. All of the cups are priced at $28, which is just under £23. For me there were two main things that drew me to the Luv Ur Body cups, their gorgeous flower designs and the high capacity of the cups themselves. The small cup holds around 28ml when filled up to the air holes, the medium holds 31ml and the large cup holds an impressive 34.5ml. The cups come with a generously sized cotton pouch, both of the patterns I received were feminine floral prints.

The Luv Ur Body cup in small (left) and medium (right).

The small Luv Ur Body cup is 47mm long, with the uber-cute leaf-shaped stem adding an additional 18mm. The diameter of the cup is 42mm, and so the cup is still relatively large for a size small. The Luv Ur Body cups all have a raised flower design on the surface of the cups, for the small size this design comes in both red (as seen above) and a turquoise blue. The medium and large cups only come in solid colours and are available in green, red and clear. The medium Luv Ur Body cup is the longest of all three at 61.7mm, with the stem adding 20.3mm. The diameter of the medium size cup is 45mm. The large size cup is 56.7mm long, with a stem length of 20.3mm. The diameter of the large cup is by far the widest at 48mm. The medium Luv Ur Body cup is one of the longest cups on the market, which makes it a good option for women with a very high cervix, who are worried that their cup with move up too high and become unreachable. Personally, I found that the leaf stem is very easy to grip and feels super sturdy, there are raised sections on the stem to help add more grip. I would be extremely surprised if anyone had trouble reaching and removing this cup!

The silicone used feels very nice and seems to be good quality, I would say they are a medium resistance cup, not as soft as a Cuplee cup yet not as firm as a Diva cup. The raised flower design of the cups is said to stop the cup from 'slipping out' during use, say when you sneeze or bear down. To be honest, I've never had this be an issue with any of my cups that don't have a raised pattern on them, but its pretty and so I don't mind too much. I think that the flower design is adorable and makes the cups stand out however, because the silicone is raised, they can make insertion and removal slightly irritating and even slightly painful. For some reason, the flower design on the small cup seems to be more raised than on the medium cup and so was slightly more irritating. I would say that if you are someone who is easily irritated by grip rings, this is not the cup for you. The bottom of these cups has quite an unusual shape in that they are quite rounded, instead of the usual V shape. Luv Ur Body claims that this is to make the cup before comfortable and increase capacity further, personally I found that the shape made these cups a bit trickier to remove as it was more difficult to nip the base to collapse the cup for comfortable removal.

The Luv Ur Body cup in med

I was able to use both of these cups and the high capacity of these cups makes them a great option for anyone with a heavy flow or who suffers from problems such as uterine fibroids or endometriosis . The large diameter of these cups is thought to be better for women who have a low cervix, as it allows the cervix to sit within the cup. Personally, I have a high cervix so I wouldn't be able to say whether or not the concept works. 

Overall, I don't think that this would be a good cup for new cup users as the raised design could cause extra difficulty inserting and be irritating. Also the curved bottom of the cup can make it quite hard to remove. I think that these cups would be perfect for women who have heavy flows, anywhere from a high to a medium cervix and aren't irritated by grip rings. The price is comparable to other menstrual cups on the market and the floral design really is quite gorgeous.

Let me know if you have tried this cup out and what you thought of it!

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