Friday, 13 November 2015

Gaia Moon Pads Thong Liner Review

Gaia Moon Pads is a UK based seller, she sells a range of handmade cloth pads, liners and pad wrappers. I had been searching for a UK seller to buy some thong liners from for a while, there were a few sellers in the US whose thong liners looked nice, but I'm so impatient I couldn't wait for them to be shipped over. 

When I found Gaia Moon Pads on Etsy I was so happy to see her selection of thong liners! I bought 3 of her 6" thong liners and couldn't be happier with them, they are topped in flannel and backed with anti-pill fleece. These liners are only £3 each, nice and affordable. They are super thin and discreet and the shape really sits nicely in thongs, with some liners I find they slide around but these stay exactly where you put them. 

The stitching on these is really neat, I am definitely one of those people who is grated by ugly or wonky stitching but there are no worries of that with these. Gaia Moon Pads also has a nice selection of prints, some really cool gender neutral prints included. I think a lot of cloth pad makers can forget that some menstruating people don't identify as female, it is a nice to have a wide selection of prints for people with slightly less 'girly' taste. 

The liner shape when snapped up
What I love about these liners in particular is that they are backed in fleece. I use these for menstrual cup back-up and on the odd occasion that my cup leaks, I want to know nothing is going to soak through my liner! Fleece is moisture resistant and so helps prevent leaks, unlike some liners that are just cotton or flannel backed. When I wear these liners I feel just that extra bit secure that I'm not going to have any catastrophic leaking disasters. If you are in the market for some thong liners I would definitely recommend Gaia Moon Pads, the postage was super quick and I love them! I have since bought two more that have glow in the dark stars on the print!

Have you tried these? Let me know in the comments below!

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