About me

Hi, I’m Louisa, I discovered make-up in my early teens and have loved it ever since. Although I loved it, I was pretty clueless and applied it atrociously for the first few years. Then one day I stumbled upon a make-up tutorial on YouTube by Panacea81. This started my obsession with the beauty world, I soon started reading beauty blogs and subscribing to as many beauty gurus as I could find.

In June 2014, I decided I would start my own beauty blog and fill it with highstreet make-up reviews for other girls like me, who love make-up but can’t afford to shop from high end brands like MAC. In time I hope to diversify my blog with make-up looks, tips and tricks in the hope that they might help someone the way that other bloggers and YouTubers helped me.

 Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog.

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